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This page is dedicated to old KalibroLite version 1.1. For new versions follow this link.

KalibroLite was my first program after I learned python programming in 2009. “Lite” is comming from the database used that is sqlite.

Kalibro, is designed to fulfill some quality tasks which must be stipulated by organizations to meet the Quality Management Standards,
such as, ISO9001, AS9100, TS16949.

Kalibro, is intended to maintain calibration / verification records. You can check the coming calibration / verification dates to be able to schedule the calibration activities.

Kalibro, is programmed with Python programming language. It is able to use two different databases, one is MySQL and other is SQLite.

With the current version of Kalibro, only SQLite version is available. If users request a MySQL version, I will release it. But, in the future versions of the Kalibro, there will 2 database support in one software.



1st Scenario


Operating System: Windows

C++ 2008 redistributable Installed

so Kalibro works

2nd Scenario


Operating System: Windows or Linux or Mac

Python v 2.6 Installed

wxPython v win32 Unicode for Python 2.6

so Kalibro works

Kalibro is intended to work under windows, linux or mac due to the nature of the Python softwares.

However, it was tested only under Windows XP, Vista and 7.

How to use Kalibro

Kalibro is very simple to use software, so I do not believe that anybody will need any help to learn it.

If you still need any help, please ask me to add some tutorials about the software.

How to backup Data:

Simply, copy the “kalibro.sqlite” file under your installation folder to any place.

Feature Requests:

If you wish any future to be added in the future versions of the Kalibro, please e-mail me or use discussion board below.


Kalibro supports both English and Turkish languages with the help of GNU gettext. If you wish Kalibro speaks your mother tongue,

you can follow the following steps;

1 - Get the “KalibroLite.pot” file under “locale” folder of Kalibro source code.

2 - Use an editor to edit PO file generated from POT file, for example, you can use Poedit.

3 - Submit your PO file after you have completed translation to me.

Programming Core

Kalibro, uses wxPython library for all the widgets. For windows version, py2exe is used to make Kalibro as single executable file.

Recommended SQLite Browsers/Managers:

SQLite Manager - Firefox Extension
SQLite Database Browser


Etu, 2015/12/08 19:43

Hi. Could you explain what is and how to use “Aditional Filelds” option?

Regards, Etu

Ozan HACIBEKIROGLU, 2015/12/10 07:15

Hi, Additional fields are used to store some custom values for example; you want to store location of device but there is no special field for location so you can use additional fields. When a device is selected from the list, you can click on the additional fields button and write what you want to store within 3 fields (one integer field, one text field and one long text field)

Etu, 2015/12/18 10:33

Thank you for your answer. I have another problem. I'm trying to add a calibration report file. I use the “Open report store” and I try to add a report file. I see the “Drop Your Report File To Here”, but I can not move there report file. Operating system Windows 8.1 Regards

Ozan HACIBEKIROGLU, 2015/12/21 01:52

I released v2.0 of Kalibro after many years :-) , please check this link . And, Could you please give feedbacks for windows 8.1 to me via email (email is in the program)? It is supposed to run without any problems but I could not test it under Win8.

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