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Kalibro Release Notes

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Kalibro v2.6b1 (2016-10-16)

    - added unit tests
    - improved code for testing
    - added appveyor Continuous Integration support
      for testing and building on windows
    - added "User Management" feature
    - added "Device Owner" feature
    - added history log tables and triggers
      for main, subrecords, mainAddField, mainFieldLabel tables
    - added history log reports for device status and owner
    - improved UX
    - improved search window UI
    - removed simple backup feature
      Do not use kalibro.sqlite.bak file, it is not updated anymore
      You can use windows task scheduler or
      Linux cron jobs to get backups to another location
    - new translations under locale folder are auto discovered
    - code cleanup/refactoring

Kalibro v2.5 (2016-08-06)
    - added print feature to calibration control window
    - added new columns to calibration control window
    - calibration result types can now be defined and selected
    - UI improved for files stored in report store for easier access
    - add new columns to Grid ("result" and "file path")
      instead of embedding reports into database, file paths can be attached to calibration records
    - fixed critical bug causing overwrite while adding new record
    - fixed current working directory bug in report store
    - fixed additional fields search bug

Kalibro v2.4b1 (2016-06-16)

    - implemented win8/10 file drag&drop workaround
    - fixed bugs
    - improved UI
    - fixed win8/10 icon bug
    - added import feature from CSV files
    - added help menu
    - additional fields are fully supported in search and reporting 

Kalibro v2.3 (2016-02-11)

    - Added Polish translation

Kalibro v2.2 (2016-02-04)

    - Changed Kalibro icon
    - Fixed accidentally deletion of binary reports in report store (Linux users affected)
    - Fixed search window columns' sort bug
    - Added quick search
    - Improved configuration handling
    - Added more date formats
    - Added splash window at startup (splash can be disabled from menu)
    - Improved menu shortcuts
    - Automatic version check can be disabled by user now
    - Automatic database backup can be disabled by user now
    - DLLs minification is dropped for startup performance on Windows
    - Fixed small bugs
    - Code cleanup

Kalibro v2.1stable (2016-01-11)

    - Working directory write permission is checked at start-up
    - CSV output support is added for device history
    - Device status can be set
    - Search feature added
    - HTML reporting improved and CSV reporting added
    - Database upgrade is done silently
    - Automatic database backup is added upon exiting
    - UI Improved
    - Keyboard shortcuts added/improved
    - DLLs minified with UPX for Windows
    - Debian GNU/Linux Compatibility improved
    - Installation instructions updated
    - Code cleanup
    - More pep8
    - Many bug fixes

Kalibro v2.0-Beta (2015-12-21)

    - Rewritten to work with Python 2.7 and wxPython 3.0.1
    - Many bugs fixed
    - pep8 rules are applied to code as much as possible
    - Automatic new version control added
    - UI improved

KalibroLite v1.1-Beta (2009-09-21)
	- Reporting feature implemented
	- Additional Field feature implemented
	- Minimization to task bar implemented
	- Interface improvements implemented
	- Non-ascii directory names caused problem before  - FIXED for Source Code Run
	- Date Picker did not run properly under Linux - FIXED

KalibroLite v1.0-Beta

	- First Release
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